Bespoke Parents Conference

Raising Children has never been easy. But with the breakdown of traditional communities as families move apart due to work, education or family breakdown, it can be easy to feel that when it comes to the crunch, you’re on your own.

This weekend I went along to a Parents Conference entitled ‘It takes community to raise a child’. Steve and Helen Pollard, founders of ‘Bespoke’ counselling and coaching, were the key speakers. Seminar topics included ‘raising a child through those teenagers years’ and ‘leading a child through abusive behaviours (eating, self-harm, drug abuse)’.

Steve and Helen- a warm, loving couple who have extensive training and experience, spoke from their own personal experience as parents and their role as professional therapists. Their story is one of tragedy and triumph, despair and deliverance.

I enjoyed the honesty and humor of the father selected to deliver his own ‘pearls of wisdom’ at the ‘teenage years’ seminar, though nothing could beat the kindness and sensitivity of Helen and Steve as they listened to the concerns of parents and youth workers over eating disorders and self-harm within their families and communities.

The morning ended with a time of worship and everyone was offered personal prayer for their own situation.

The feedback from the morning was very positive, the only complaint being that it was too short !

‘Bespoke’ provide a range of services such as retreats, holidays and counselling. They are based in Exmouth, Devon.

Full details can be found on their website

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