He Stands in the Gap

Exodus 14 :19-20 ( CEV translation) 

Here we find God’s chosen people grumbling and complaining about their situation but God intervenes.

All this time God’s angel had gone ahead of Israel’s army, but now he moved behind them. A large cloud had also gone ahead of them, but now it moved between the Egyptians and the Israelites. The cloud gave light to the Israelites, but made it dark for the Egyptians, and during the night they could not come any closer.

How wonderful that the Lord himself will stand in the gap, placing himself  between us and our enemies. Sometimes we need this reassurance that when the ‘night’ comes and we need to rest, God can keep the enemy away.

There are times when we need to rest from our struggles and let the Lord take over. I often find myself battling away, trying to do things in my own strength when in fact I’d be so much better off giving the problem to Jesus. Imagine if the Israelites had tried to push back the sea themselves – how ridiculous would that have been?

Verse 14 says

”The Lord will fight for you, and you won’t have to do a thing.”

then :-

The Lord pushed the sea back by a strong east wind all night, turning the sea into dry land. The waters were split into two. The Israelites walked into the sea on dry ground. verse 21

Today’s Prayer 

Dear Lord Jesus

Thank you that you stand in the gap and protect us from our enemies. It is great to know that we can stand still and let you fight for us. Forgive us for grumbling, complaining or being afraid but show us the way forward in faith. We choose today to stand in the light of your love and faithfulness, knowing that in weakness, you are our strength.


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