Hope For the Future

JOB 11:16-18

You will forget your misery;
it will be like water flowing away.
Your life will be brighter than the noonday.
Even darkness will be as bright as morning.
Having hope will give you courage.

I remember a time when I had only just finished seeing the school about one dilemma when another came out of the blue. In addition to this my step dad was terminally ill, my husband  lost his job and I was struggling with mine.

Sometimes it feels like the world won’t stop spinning.

But God says that these troubles will be like waters flowing away, and that your life will be bright ..even darkness will be as bright as the dawn.

Have you ever tried to catch water flowing down a drain or stop a river from rushing downstream ? Impossible isn’t it ! Just imagine for a moment that your troubles are not just diminishing but are actually pouring away from you – so much so that you can forget them . This is God’s word to you -and He is faithful ! I can testify to this in my own life. Troubles that were once so huge, have been washed away and are growing dim.

There are however some  ‘Ifs’ leading up to this promise.

IF…. you devote your heart to him and stretch out your hands to him,
IF…..  you put away the sin that is in your hand and allow no evil to dwell in your tent.

My sin was to feel so sorry for myself and to to allow resentment to ‘dwell in my soul’ . I looked at others with their seemingly perfect kids and high incomes and made the mistake of being jealous and resentful. It’s an easy trap to fall into but don’t follow my lead here – it leads nowhere.

You may not be able to control anything else, but you can control your own will.

Devote yourself to Jesus; stretch out your hands to Him; ask Him for help; be grateful and full of hope because……..

Hope gives us courage and

With courage we can stand strong and fight. 

Today’s Prayer 

Lord we love you and we stretch out our hands to you. Forgive us our sin and help us today to resist temptation. We thank you for all that you have done for us . We put our hope in you and ask you to reward it with courage –  courage to stand strong and fight for our children and families. Courage to know that whatever happens you are with us . Thank you that in you we can have hope, that soon our problems will be like water flowing away and our darkness will be as bright as the dawn.


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