Wise Words from a Friend

My Friend Yvonne writes many wise words and I am quoting her today as I feel this is very good advice for MASH Mums.

Not that we tell our children to “get over it” but at times we are sorely tempted, or at least wish that they would hurry up and get over their hurts and hangups! Let’s be patient and encourage our children to find help. They need complete healing in order to “never look back” :-

The term “get over it” encourages us to avoid the issues that need to be addressed and pressurises us to rush the healing process.
Instead, we need to find our way “through it”, deal with the issues, ask questions, confront road blocks, pause at stop signs, hit dead ends and encourage the small victories to add up… 
If we persevere and come out the other side, we will find that there won’t be the need to keep looking back!

 Yvonne Ogunsanlu


Lord help our children to find their way through problems, to seek wisdom, confront road blocks and see their way through difficulties with the eyes of faith. Help us mothers to be patient, kind, wise and resourceful. May we know the difference between gentle guidance and tough love, in each circumstance they face. We know that you have them in your care and trust you to heal them thoroughly so that they will never look back.

In the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we ask this for those we love, knowing they are the apple of your eye


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