False Guilt

  Can God forgive me for doing this to myself?

Today I heard from  a youth pastor who was asked by a young girl  ‘can God forgive me for doing this to myself’ ? The marks on her arms were so telling of the trauma she was going through.

The simply and truthful answer for this girl was ‘yes, He can’.  I am so glad he was there for her at that moment when she needed to know the truth.

However the bigger question we must ask is

‘what has led our young people to feel so ashamed that they heap this guilt upon themselves’?

Indeed we should ask,  ‘is this young person guilty of any offence’?

I have been dwelling on a little phrase that I heard last year …….


I’ve realised that all sorts of people blame themselves for things that are simply not their fault. I think our teenagers are particularly susceptible to this, as they live in a culture of self- shame.

I don’t profess to have the answers and hope that other Mums will join me in the quest to delve deeper into this subject.

Today I spotted this book which is my next big read. Why not read it too and share with me your thoughts about it’s findings.

Post your comments below or email me on mash@redballoonfamily.co.uk

The Guilt Book

A Path to Grace and Freedom

Will Van der Hart & Rob Waller

Good and bad guilt. How do we distinguish between the two, listening to the true and shedding the false?

“Guilt is something I have always been weighed down by, and I know so many friends who have the same battle, reliving situation after situation in our heads”.

This book looks both theologically and practically at helping me see where my thinking has gone wonky and helping me to realise it doesn’t have to be that way.

Can’t really recommend it highly enough! I shall be returning to it over and over.” 

Katherine Welby






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