Are you feeling a bit battered today ? Maybe you feel like this brick wall?

It’s a bit untidy isn’t it ! But the bricks look strong enough for the job.
Sometimes I feel like my life got a bit messy, my insides spewed out and revealed my pain. I didn’t want others to see my anxiety, my secret doubts and fears, but there they were for all to see and I was afraid of being  judged badly.
Just like this brick wall, my ‘mortar’ was revealed.
However when things are out in the open, they can be put right. It’s when stuff stays secret, hidden, it causes more destruction. I was wrong about being judged. I was helped when others saw my pain.
Take our wall as an example. The mortar is uneven, cracking and spilling over the brickwork. The builder can see the state it is in and re-render it. To do this he has to scrape out the old stuff and refill the wall. For a long time I felt like my insides were being scraped out but in the end I was restored.
I like to think of this wall differently these days. I know that after scraping out  the old mortar Jesus filled my ‘wall’ with Gold. This gold not only represents inner strength but a richness that comes from within. A gift that never fades.
Prayer For Today
Thank you Lord Jesus that you can take our lives, heal them and enrich them. Scrape out the bad, and fill us with gold.
We bring before you our children and thank you  that you are their healer too. We ask you to fill their lives with inner beauty and strength.
Teach them to reveal their feelings and emotions to us so that we, as loving parents, can help them to  rebuild their lives.
Come today Lord and restore us all.




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