Press Forward

If Jesus goes before us then we should choose to follow.

In Psalm 16 (Common English Bible)  David says

‘I always put the Lord in front of me’. I like this translation as it suggests an act of the will, rather than a supernatural experience.

Paul says, in Philippians 3:14
Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on towards the goal -to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus.

As Mums we have an awesome role in life –  don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

We have been given an invaluable task of bringing up the next generation.

It’s our job to teach them, care for them, pray for them, love them, feed them, clothe them, wipe their tears and listen (usually at midnight or just when you need a break ) . I’m sure you can add to my list!  It is exhausting enough for most Mums- but we have the extra pressure self-harm.

BUT let’s press on for the sake of our children.

Let’s make their security our goal.

If you are struggling today, look and  see Jesus ahead of you. Choose to see him as an act of your will. He knows when we are straining towards our goal rather than taking a day off, and he will reward that. He loves to see his children persevere, and rewards our faith.

Today’s Prayer

Lord we love our children but it’s sometimes a tough job keeping them safe and staying sane ourselves! Help us to do what is right for them today, whatever happens. We declare that your word is true – that you are always before us . Give us the strength to keep pressing on, and reward our faith today with signs of recovery in our children.

Help them also understand this amazing truth Lord, so that they too might keep on pressing on, and bring them to full healing.


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