The Cloud Who Learnt to Hug. 280 words.

I love this story. It teaches us all that there is something special in store for us, even if we can’t see it at the time.

Mudpile Wood

(Inspired by a dream from Breeze)

Tiny cloud was small and thin.

At first he didn’t notice how small he was.  He dived and soared. When he tired of this he stopped and looked around him.


High above him large clouds rolled in an elegant and smooth fashion. They flowed through the sky.

He wished he  could dance like they could.

A cloud ducked low over the earth and  sat on a mountain.  He must be tired, Tiny cloud thought.

Then as tiny cloud watched the giant cloud hugged the mountain.

He felt sad.

“I want to learn to hug.” He sang as he whizzed past his bigger friends.

“Slow down, enjoy” they whispered. “It will happen when it happens.”

But he was gone.  “I want to be big and great” he sang.

Birds didn’t notice him or hear him. He was moving too fast.

He dived around the earth, wishing…

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3 Responses to The Cloud Who Learnt to Hug. 280 words.

  1. mudpilewood says:

    Asha thank you for reblogging this short piece (it was meant as a picture book but lay forgotten on my desk for a while). You have an amazing site here. I will be back to check it out again.


    • asha says:

      You write so beautifully mudpilewood, I shall be back for more inspiration. I hope your daughter made it through despite the bullying. MASH was started as an online support and now I am so excited as the local council have asked me to start a charity for Mums who suffer so much, and often alone. Many thanks for looking at my blog. Come again soon xx


      • mudpilewood says:

        Of course I will visit again. Life is all about supporting each other. I am delighted to have linked to you, as you have a huge heart and are helping a lot of people in their struggles.
        Take Care.

        Liked by 1 person

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