Does God Exist ?

One day the King and his slave prepare to go on a journey. The king is anxious but the slave reminds him that God will watch over them and keep them safe.

‘Does God even exist’ ? the King asks

‘Yes, I believe he does’, the slave replies

‘We shall see’ the king insists.

And so they go on their journey but a terrible thing happens. The king is set upon by bandits and they chop of his finger to steal his ring.

The king is angry with his slave who keeps insisting that God still exists and works everything out for good, even though the king was one finger short! And so the slave finds himself locked up in jail for daring to cross his master.

The king went on his journey without the slave and soon came upon a tribe of cannibals who captured him and prepared to eat him for supper. During the pre-supper ceremony, the head Tribesman notices the King’s missing finger and immediately alerts his tribe.

‘We cannot eat this man, for he has a defect, he has one finger missing’ he cries

And so the king is set free and told to go back to his own land. On his return he challenges the slave

‘So you still think God exists even though he cut off my finger, set cannibals upon me and ha d you thrown into jail’

‘yes’ says the slave ‘its obvious. He caused you to lose a finger knowing that you were about to be captured by cannibals and also knowing that they wouldn’t eat anyone who has a missing finger’

‘then why are you in jail’ retorts the king.

‘well if I had gone with you I would have been eaten, as I have all my fingers. So my life was saved by being thrown into jail!’ explains the slave.

So the moral of the story is that  we never know the ‘behind the scenes’ plans of our God, who does work all things together for good. ( Romans 8:28)








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