Just One Touch from The King

At church on Sunday I was reminded of the words of a song

‘Just One Touch from the King changes everything’ and how true this was in my own life. Many times I have been in need and waited – sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much.

But always Jesus would come and all would be well again. Over the years I have received healing from physical illness,  infertility,  emotional pain, and freedom from captivity caused by harsh life experiences.

Often in the moments of pain I was just clinging onto Jesus – I call that my ‘fingernail faith’ – the feeling of knowing God can do stuff and hanging on for all its worth.

Today I have

  • freedom from arthritis which I had when I was 30 years old
  • 2 beautiful daughters despite being told I was infertile
  •  a healed marriage ( which once I would have regarded as impossible)
  • a sense of purpose and destiny brought through one word which came to me as I was praying for someone else.
  • a healed child  whose  self harm and emotional problems were overwhelming
  •  a  husband healed of depression and set free from joblessness,
  • a home to live in despite a period of almost constant unemployment

Has it been easy ? No it hasn’t. But I hope that if you are going through any difficulty, my story will encourage you. I am no-one special -except in Jesus.

Because of his very great love for us all, he is able and willing to set us free from our hurts – emotional or physical and he is able to give us More than we can ask or imagine.

Are you looking for answers today ?  Ask Him for that touch from the King that changes everything. As the songwriter rightly says we need to prophecy over circumstances.

There is a battle raging over this land but JUST ONE TOUCH FROM THE KING changes everything

Speak to your battles….This is My King …..Hear the Word of the Lord ………..







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