Building Resilience in Teens

When young people are resilient, they cope better with difficult situations.

They ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to:-

  • ‘bounce back’ after something negative – like a tough situation or difficult time
  • get back to feeling just about as good as you felt before.
  • adapt to difficult circumstances that you can’t change, and keep on thriving.

Resilience is more than just coping 

When you’re resilient, you can learn from difficult or challenging situations and get stronger.

Every young person needs the personal skills and attitudes to help them bounce back from everyday challenges such as

  • making mistakes,
  • falling out with friends,
  • moving to a new school
  • losing an important sporting match.
  • family breakdown,
  • adapting to a step-family,
  • the illness or death of a family member
  • bullying.

Remember that they might be better at bouncing back from some challenges but not others.

Some young people face more challenges than others because of learning difficulties or disabilities, or because they have more anxious personalities.

Resilient  people are more prepared to seek new experiences and opportunities and take reasonable risks to achieve goals.

Risk-taking is important to young people as it creates opportunities for success and greater self-confidence, and is necessary way of them finding independence and identity.

The more challenges young people have, the harder it is for them to be resilient.

But all young people can build the personal skills for resilience, and you can help.

As a parent, you can have a massive influence over the resilience of your child. You have a big role to play in helping them. So let’s stay positive and continually look for ways to help our children.


My aim over the next couple of weeks is to look at the ways in which we can build up our children so that they do not use the wrong coping mechanisms in their lives. My prayer is that you may be empowered to encourage and strengthen those you love.

Don’t forget that we are their role models. Even at times when they seem to reject us, they are watching and looking for help from those they trust the most.

Be a good Role Model to them. Love and respect yourself!

Try this :- 

At the end of the day tell yourself i love you




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