Building Resilience

Helping your child Become resilient

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when difficulties strike. It is falsely believed that children are either born resilient, or they’re not. Resilience can be built up even in children that seem vulnerable or who have had a poorer start in life.

Resilience for young people is built on a foundation of strong positive relationships with

  • parents.
  • other caring adults that they identify with, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles or teachers who might act as mentors.
  • Friends and classmates

You can help your children build the ability to bounce back from difficult situations by teaching them important values and skills such as:

  • self-respect and other personal values and attitudes
  • social skills
  • helpful and optimistic thinking
  • skills for getting things done.

Self-respect is a great building block for resilience.

Self-respect grows out of setting standards for behavior.

If your children have self-respect,

they believe that they matter

they expect to be treated respectfully by others.

they are  more likely to protect themselves by avoiding risky behaviour and situations.

A strong sense of self-respect will also help your child be less vulnerable to bullies and bullying.

A strong, loving relationship with you is the basis for all these qualities and values in your children. If you show them love and respect, they’ll be more likely to care for themselves and others.

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