My Part In This

Another Mums Story – Unconditional love – that’s what its all about.
Lord as you have loved us so may we love our children ….

Secrets of an American Teenager's Mom

goingAt first I was scared of cutting. Not really repulsed, but so afraid of what it meant about the person doing the act.

But then the cutter was my daughter. My baby. My treasure. I had to get over the fear and try to understand.

I won’t say that I get it, I may never be able to, but I am reading a lot, talking with others who have/are self harming, and I’m not afraid anymore. I’ve been incredibly sad, and I think I’m moving through that emotion, as well. What I do know is this isn’t about me. I may have played a role in this somehow, but choices were made by my girl. The only part that I intend to take responsibility for moving forward is my response.

I will love my daughter no matter what she does to herself. I will be proud of the woman she…

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