Thermometer or Thermostat

I had a rather amusing message from my sister the other day. It went like this :-

Got to the bottom of mum’s central heating thermostat issue. I was building the tv cabinet and drenched in sweat … I said ”what temperature is the heating set to….”.

”Well it’s always hot cos I can’t turn it down” she says…

So I said ”show me ….”

The thermostat is on 28 and she says ”look if I try and turn it down it goes off – listen there’s the click … And it just goes off”.

”Oh” I reply ”that’s telling you the current temperature so you turn it down to say 24 and the heating goes off because it’s higher than you want. When it drops below 24 it will come on again to try and keep it to the lower temperature”
”Oh!” she says ”I thought it was broke, that’s why I kept calling the engineer out !!!!!!”


My Mum does make me laugh but it can be very uncomfortable in her home when it’s boiling hot –  so I was glad that my sister took the time to show mum how the thermostat  worked.

It got me thinking though…

….a thermostat  ‘sets’ the temperature….

…. it is possible for us to ‘set the temperature’ in our daily lives.

…..but are we  ”setting a  temperature”  that makes life pleasant for those around us?

It’s challenging isn’t  it?

I know that sometimes I ‘zone out’ others or get cross and grumpy because I get wrapped up in myself and my own needs.

But wait – there is hope!

You see, we can also be like Thermometers! .

…Thermometers cause you to know what the temperature is – it’s their function to tell you! 

My sister didn’t need to have an actual thermometer hanging on the wall, she could gauge the heat in my Mum’s house by the sweat on her body !

Maybe we should ask God to help us become good thermometers –  that is to know when we are burning those around us – or freezing them out.

Only then can we change the thermostat accordingly.

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord

Help us always to make our children comfortable in our presence, so that they may be able to share their hopes and fears with us. Give us wisdom and kindness in abundance, even when we just want to bury our heads in the sand. Help us to be consistent in our love towards them and in our plans to help them through their difficult times.



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