Pantos, Parties and Presents or Prophecy Promise Presence

Epping FOrest in the Ice 3
December is here and with it – Advent ….

But what is it really all about, this chilly month whose dark nights and cold mornings bring frost and rain, snow and ice.

Some look forward to chocolate calendars, others see it as the right time to go into the loft and bring the tree down, yet others see it as the start of a round of Christmas festivities – Pantos, Parties and Presents.

BUT ADVENT IS A TIME OF HOPE ……of Prophecy, Presence and Promises

This is the time of year that Christians dwell upon the arrival of the Son Of God, the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy given to the Israelites.

We find the advent story In Luke 2.

 Mary was on a journey.

It was a journey of hope, of promises about to be fulfilled, of  restoration, of Glory.

Mary had already been through a lot and seen some amazing miracles.

  • An angel had visited her personally
  • Something physically impossible was spoken over her.  Even though she was a  virgin, she would  bear a child – and not just any child- the Son of God no less!
  • The angel also told her that her cousin Elizabeth – an infertile older woman- was 6 months pregnant.
  • On visiting her cousin Elizabeth she witnessed this miracle for herself- another ‘impossible’ pregnancy, another important birth announced.
  • Now she was on the way to Bethlehem to fulfill a prophecy she had probably known about since childhood.

It seems to me that Mary was watching

  • Hope in Action.
  • Miracles in the making.
  • Healing of  a whole nation.
  • The outworking of a Divine plan

She had heard God speak and watched His plan as it  unfolded, one step at a time.


We may not consider ourselves as important as Mary but we are God’s children, highly favoured and loved, bought by the blood of Jesus.

And so we can have hope that the same God who loved Mary and rewarded her with great favour is working out His will in our lives today.

He is more than willing to share His plans with us and is eager for us to listen.

We may feel that a miracle is needed to make our lives come right again- to restore our children to the people they were meant to be. But let us not forget this Advent -time our God who is

  • full of promises and hope.
  • pleased to be with us
  • pleased to share His plans for us – and for our children too.

Why not spend time this Advent

  • listening to the Lord and soaking in His presence
  • asking him to use us as instruments in the healing of our children.
  • expecting miracles
  • watching and believing that Hope will turn to joy before our eyes.
  • Being open to the way God will pour favour on our lives

Prayer for Today 

Lord thank you that your presence never leaves us.  Help us to hear you midst the pressures of life that this time of the year brings. Speak to us afresh about your plans for our lives, and as we watch over our children might we see their healing. We ask that you would teach us your ways so that we can walk in them with certainty. Make our joy complete as you restore our sons and daughters to full emotional health.






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