3 Steps Forward 2 Steps Back

3 Steps Forward 2 Steps Back.

Stacey writes so wisely and therefore I am always reblogging her words.

Take a moment to read these and ask yourself this:-

Am I frustrated because I am not seeing change come quickly enough?

I know for myself that the moment my daughter said she was going to stop self harming I was so overwhelmed – after all these were the words I had been longing to hear. And so when she had the occasional relapse and just couldn’t stop herself my heart seemed to get broken even more.

However, just like other addictions, self harm can be stopped gradually.

Some individuals self harm as a matter of routine – for example before going to bed or school. If this has become a routine then it will obviously be a hard habit to break.

Try to encourage your child to stop, say for one or two nights per week.

The mind is a powerful thing, so make yourself a promise that you will:-

Refuse to get down over the times you notice self harm happening

Celebrate the time(s) they stopped.

Be patient and remember that you are watching a process at work

Stay hopeful. Most teenagers leave self harming behind as they work through their emotional difficulties and realise that they are loved and appreciated for who they are.



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1 Response to 3 Steps Forward 2 Steps Back

  1. Thank you for your words of kindness. And thank you for your words of wisdom to parents. Spreading the word together opens more eyes to truth and knowledge.


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