Our aim is to build friendships and encourage Mums to

  • seek help
  • find emotional and spiritual support.
  • grow in  confidence and strength
  • talk about how self-harm affects them
  • befriend one another
  • pray for one another
  • bring hope to other struggling families in their own communities.

Together Mums can make a difference ..

Friends and support groups can make all the difference so why not join MASH ?

This blog should be about you, so please feel free to join the discussions or add your story.

We believe in complete confidentiality and so we suggest you do not use real names but it is of course up to you.

Linked to MASH are other  websites and blogs which we hope you will find useful.

Ways to join.

  • Click ‘follow this blog by email’ at the bottom left of this page. You will be asked for your email address but rest assured your email identity will not show up on this blog. It is simply used to update you of any new posts.
  • Click the Follow button found at the bottom left of this page.
  • Comment on any of the posts ( you’ll find them listed on the Right Hand side of the page in date order or by topic). Your first comment will not appear straight away as it gets checked for security reasons. Once it has been posted any further comments you make will appear automatically. 

If you need help joining or want to ask a question in confidence, please email mash@redballoonfamily.co.uk



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