When the Dawn Breaks, the Birds Sing

dawn breaks bird sings



Just a quick word of encouragement in a busy day.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the effects of self harm today ? Life is hard ? Feels dark ?

Helping someone through self harm to healing is a long journey, but one which will make you and your son/daughter stronger. But rest assured, you will get through this time. This is not a mere platitude but a sincere truth, spoken through my own experience and that of others. When my daughter decided to walk away from self harm and all the grotty things that went with it, I was so relieved and couldn’t quite believe it was happening,

Today, 16 months on,  she talks about it very little but she does share her concerns with me. Because we have been through very testing times together, she knows that I am there for her and will not judge her harshly. We do have a strong relationship now, and she is doing very well on her journey. I know also that we have some tough times ahead – adoption issues have a habit of popping up again and again as each new phase of life occurs. I feel confident, though, that she will not resort to self harm next time she faces new challenges.

So can I encourage you today to keep in mind that one day you will be

the bird singing as the dawn breaks. 

If you are struggling today,

take a look at the practical tips on this blog

write to us at mash@redballoonfamily.co.uk

reply to this thread for an online chat


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