From Rusty Chain to Golden Thread


I threaded beads of black and red

Upon a rusty chain

My mind not fixed on freedom, but on pain

Ingrained addiction, self-harm’s gain



I replace the chain with golden thread

And choose instead to say

That yesterday was yesterday

Forgive myself for habits old

And put to death lies I‘ve been sold

Today I will wear white and gold



Tomorrow hasn’t shown its face

But I know which beads I long to place

Upon my golden thread

I have noticed for a while, a hidden smile

An emerald in my heart, deep and seldom seen

So tomorrow I will thread bright green



Again I thread my beads of black and red

But this time through and through is golden thread

And so I trust for fewer days like these

For healing blues and hues of love

And please, my emerald smile, come back tomorrow

And rid me of today’s deep purple sorrow



And when you look upon my golden thread

How will you judge me – will you focus on the red?

Or will you see the change in me?

The whites and golds of victory

The fewer blacks, replaced with green

Purple’s sorrow seldom seen

No rusty chains, just golden thread

Addiction broken, self-harm dead.


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