Much Love Dear Mums


A few years ago my social media pages were full of pictures of Mums being treated to lovely meals or receiving flowers, cards and other gifts.

However my experience was far from this happy picture. Sites like Facebook don’t always help us Mums who are struggling, do they ? After all who would post a status that reads:-

‘My daughter tells me she hates me and is spending the whole day in her room pretending I don’t exist’

Thankfully we got through our difficulties and this year we are chatting happily about college, holiday and our new puppy. Normal life has resumed, for which I am extremely thankful. There were times when I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

One day though I received this ….

Mum, I got you this - just because .....

Mum, I got you this – just because …..

It brought tears to my eyes and was worth a lot more than any Mothers Day card bought out of obligation to a specific date. Sometimes special gifts, like this one,  can be just as precious for the giver as the recipient.  I was able to tell my daughter that such a unique and creative gift reflected her own personality – I could see she was flattered even though she was trying to be super casual about it.

My heart goes out to all Mums who are just not receiving the love this year, or are struggling to communicate with their teenagers.

Keep going, stay strong, you DO have it in you to succeed. It won’t always be like this. 

One day you will receive a meaningful hug and your heart will once again swell with pride. One day your child’s status will say :-

I have recovered. I beat Self Harm ! Thanks Mum ❤

Much love, dear Mums


Asha xxx









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