Youth Workers Evening

youth-ministry-cartoon1This picture says it all! Well I for one think so. I  have always appreciated Youth workers  as my children have benefited enormously from the massive effort they have put in. Most YWs I meet are passionate about helping young people through the ups and downs of life; building up their self-esteem and putting up with all their little idiosyncrasies regardless of how they are feeling themselves.

And so  it was with some sense of trepidation that I arrived one evening in February to host an evening of information and training about Self Harm. The term ‘teaching your granny to suck eggs kept getting stuck in my head, and I had to keep reminding myself that these people were the youngsters and I was the granny! However I was treated so well that I needn’t have worried. Everyone was keen to gather knowledge and information, and discussions as to  how ‘whole family’ support could be achieved created very interesting challenges.

At MASH, it is our passion that parents should be empowered to help their teenagers. If a youth worker can bridge the gap between a young person and his parent, then so much the better.

MASH is committed to working alongside any organisation that supports young people who may be self harming or having emotional difficulties.
If this blog has caught your attention and you would like to hear more, please let us know.

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