Let go of what others think of you.

Let go of what others think of you.

Don’t be dragged down by judgmental people who haven’t a clue what you are going through anyway.

This truth applies to both young people and parents. Sometimes us Mums can be scared of being negatively judged because our children are having problems.

We can also be scarred by harsh criticism or unkind words.

Ever heard or been afraid of these comments ? :-

”Must be their home life/I blame the parents/No smoke without fire/wonder where she gets it from/ She spoils that child/I heard they have problems”

Comments like these are not easy to dismiss but you can take practical steps to weaken their power.

Find people who are supportive and encouraging. Join a group/project that makes you feel good about who you are. Encourage your child to do this too.

Spend less time with people who are negative or quick to judge you or your child.

Tell yourself you do not have to be defined by other peoples ideas of who you are. The same goes for your child.

Never be afraid to seek help because of what others will think.

Tell yourself you deserve a fulfilling life and other people’s opinions should not stop you.

Don’t hold on to negative criticism. After all, you throw rotten food in the bin, don’t you? ‘trash’ any rotten words that have been spoken about you.

Tell yourself you are lovely. 


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    Thank you xx

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