Online Approval

A very interesting article on the effects of social media on self-esteem. I know my daughter had lots of issues over posting photos online. She used to make sure that every photo was airbrushed so that she appeared completely perfect. She loved it when people admired her, but it was much harder to take if anyone left negative or bitchy comments.

We tried to explain to her that the opinion of almost complete strangers, or people only out to be nasty, was not worth worrying about, but she would be inconsolable.

When I was a teen there was a lot of bitchiness and rivalry at school, but at least once you were home you could forget your bad day and engross yourself in something else. These days teens seem to be online 24/7.

At one stage we had to confiscate my daughter’s phone because we were watching her get more and more upset over comments being made.

I would encourage parents to read the article below for more information on the sort of sites girls are using. Have a chat with them about how good or bad they feel about themselves when using them.

And don’t forget to tell your teen that it’s what’s on the inside that matters most. They may not buy it now but – speaking from experience- it doesn’t take long for the penny to drop and in years to come they will be repeating your words to their own children.

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