Open letter to my addict daughter

So moving


Screenshot 2014-10-16 23.17.11Dear daughter,

It’s ok you’re an addict, you haven’t failed and I still love you just the same.  I know I’ve always had a very harsh view and attitude of disgust towards the lives of addicts.  That’s only because if I could point out all the wrong in others, it would deflect the pain and agony I feel when I think of all the ways I went wrong.  Sometimes I think if I can point out all the things people wouldn’t do if they really cared you would see how deeply I cared for you.  I drive by your house just to see if you’re home, hoping to catch a glimpse of you to know that you’re ok.  When you stopped responding to my messages and calls, I knew you were hurting.  I held onto the hope that you just weren’t taking care of…

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