Change to MASH Support Groups

Hi All

Another exciting change to how MASH is operating!

Some Mums have expressed their reluctance to come along to a group situation in case they are recognised/judged by others they might bump into. Although one of the purposes for forming a support group was to smash the Stigma of self-harm, we understand that it’s not always that easy and so we have decided to arrange

One to One’s….

If you would like to chat to me or another member of MASH about how self-harm is affecting you or other family members, please call us on 020 3086 8186 and leave a message. 

Please note that this is our office number and there is an option for getting through to MASH. We would like to reassure you that this line is completely confidential and only Asha can receive any message left here. She will call you back as soon as possible. 

Be brave ladies – don’t put the phone down without leaving a message.

Appointments can also be made by email :-



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2 Responses to Change to MASH Support Groups

  1. I think that is awesome. I would encourage you to also have a prayer request chain through the support group. If prayer is needed for one particular mom and her family, you don’t have to use her real name but make it generic that a family is in need of prayer because of a crisis or the parent themselves is struggling – it is their option to use their name or not. It’s just another way to show support for each other.

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