Building Resilience – Goals

Skills for getting things done

Feeling confident, capable and ready to get things done are big parts of resilience.

Important skills in this department are:-

  • goal-setting,
  • planning,
  • organisation
  • self-discipline
  • determination
  • being resourceful.

What can you do ?

  •  Foster these skills in your children by helping them work out their specific strengths and limitations.
  •  Encourage them to set goals that put their strengths into action, and that help them to focus on what they’re good at. For example, if your child’s good at singing or music, you could suggest she join the school band, or even start her own band. If she’s good with young children, you could suggest she look into some babysitting work or coaching junior sport.
  • Support your child to take on new or extra responsibilities – a leadership role at school or even a part-time job as he gets older  is a great way to build his confidence and sense of what he can do.
  • Let go ! Young people have to learn to cope with problems by themselves. Let yours have a go at sorting things out or fighting their own battles before jumping in to help. Getting it wrong is part of the learning process and helps a child grow. 
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