Tweenagers and Pornography

Sometimes self-harm is caused by shame, and teens feel they cannot talk to us about the stuff that goes on in their world.

Internet pornography and sexting has become a massive pressure for our teenagers but they are not likely to come and ask parents for advice.

So what do we do ? 

This is a very useful video for young teens who may have come across unpleasant stuff online and don’t know how to tell you.

Why not watch it first then…

ask your teen what they think….

or ask the school to show it during PSHE ( citizenship ) then ask them what they thought…

Be careful though – don’t let your  teen watch this on  their own personal login, as they might get sent ‘related videos’ of an unsafe nature. 

Use your own login….or leave the logon to school staff….

Creepy Naked Stuff

So often the resources for young people about pornography are based on the assumption that they have already seen pornographic content online.

We have created a video for children and tweenagers to begin conversation about the content they may see online proactively, before they are likely to have seen content.

There is also a booklet and PowerPoint for equipping parents to talk to their children about pornographies, which may also useful for practitioners.  You can access the resource HERE.

Don’t forget that we are here to love our children unconditionally…

This video might open up an avenue of conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable but don’t be too quick to dismiss it .

Every time your child shares guilt, shame or even just curiosity, treat it as an opportunity to get closer and bring about positive results. 








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