Coping with Christmas

Thanks to thinktwice for these helpful words.


Christmas, a time of unadulterated joy and happiness. No tears allowed, faces must display smiles at all times and sadness must be hidden. Sometimes, it can seem like these are the unwritten Christmas rules.

I have no desire to be a scrooge here, I happily indulge in Christmas coffee, a mulled-wine candle and fairy lights as soon as the 1 December rolls around! The thing is, I see something profoundly melancholy about Christmas. There is great joy at the birth of a King, but there is also great fear in the Christmas story which I think we ignore all too readily and that I think can speak particularly to those with mental health problems.

The Christmas story isn’t one that tells us life is going to be happy and fluffy because Jesus came. It’s one that tells us that on the darkest of nights, God shows up in the most…

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