EWMHS in Essex

Sometimes parents of those who self harm feel under intense pressure to go along with the professionals’ referral programmes, which quite often leads to non- compliance from their children. At a recent NELFT meeting I was pleased to hear that they will accept self referrals, which means that the sufferer feels more in control of their circumstances. Since self harm is often a coping mechanism used to gain control over circumstances where suffers feel powerless, it is important to give young people choice. For too long they have been expected to voice their deep seated insecurities to strangers who they may not trust. If they have chosen to seek someone’s help, then surely they are more likely to open up and find healing.

Of course we can gently guide them to safe places, rather than simply hope that they choose sensibly.


If you are in Essex you may wish to look at the NHS organisation NELFT who has introduced a new Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service.



How to access our service if you are a young person/concerned parent/care giver/guardian/professional or  responsible adult of a young person living in Southend, Essex or Thurrock?


We’ve made it as easy as possible to contact our EWMHS.

We just have one main EWMHS number to remember during working hours:

0300 300 1600.

9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

Parents, care givers, guardians, professionals and responsible adults can access our service by either making an appointment to see your young person’s GP with them, or accessing our service for information by calling our central phone number 0300 300 1600 and speaking to one of our specialist emotional wellbeing and mental health staff.


• By self-referral, via a phone call to the main EWMHS phone number 0300 300 1600

EWMHS aims to meet the needs of young people up to the age of 18 or those with Special Needs up to the age of 25.

This information is obviously only useful to those who live in Essex UK, and Asha very much welcomes comments and posts from viewers who may know of other such schemes and organisations wherever they are in the world. 

Please add your comments below. Many Thanks


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