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Their Addictions, Our Controlling

Their Addictions, Our Controlling. Advertisements

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Wake Up! Your Teen Is Trying To Tell You Something!

Originally posted on Anchor Of Promise:
The above quote was by my daughter in the height of her depression and suicidal tendencies. As a parent, it was difficult to hear but also eye-opening at the same time. What she shared…

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Needing another sensation

Originally posted on frommasktosparkle:
i remember at university going back to my room after a night out, to be distracted on the way by stopping off to see a girl in the year below. We weren’t particularly close, had just…

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The Darkest Day of the Year

  The Darkest Day of the Year.

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Adoption and The Identity Hunt

The Identity Hunt. This article was written by a lady who I have shared my heart with a few times now. My own daughter was adopted and went through terrible trauma in her adolescent years. Eventually she was given post-adoption … Continue reading

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Much Love Dear Mums

MOTHERING SUNDAY A few years ago my social media pages were full of pictures of Mums being treated to lovely meals or receiving flowers, cards and other gifts. However my experience was far from this happy picture. Sites like Facebook … Continue reading

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When the Dawn Breaks, the Birds Sing

    Just a quick word of encouragement in a busy day. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the effects of self harm today ? Life is hard ? Feels dark ? Helping someone through self harm to healing is a … Continue reading

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Lose Control This New Year

  To some parents – those whose children struggle with self-harm- the new year may or may not be the symbol of hope that society makes it out to be.  My Thoughts?  I have come to the conclusion that a … Continue reading

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Asha’s Story

My story is one of great hope. I believe in a faithful God who answers our hearts’ cry. My husband and I were told we were unable to have children but we didn’t give up on our dream. We called … Continue reading

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3 Steps Forward 2 Steps Back

3 Steps Forward 2 Steps Back. Stacey writes so wisely and therefore I am always reblogging her words. Take a moment to read these and ask yourself this:- Am I frustrated because I am not seeing change come quickly enough? I know … Continue reading

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