Stay Informed. Stay relevant

A message to all Mums with teenage girls.

Our daughters feel we worry about the wrong issues.

Do we ?

Check it out here….

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2 Responses to Stay Informed. Stay relevant

  1. What I have found for many girls, they say that the worry seems to cater more to the education and dating issue more than the serious issues. Overall, their complaint is that their parents don’t listen which in turn makes them feel that they are not really cared about.


    • asha says:

      True Stacy. I have to admit that when I was bringing up my daughters I went through a time of worrying about teen pregnancy, drugs. It is interesting to note that girls’ opinions are that parents are still stuck in this era, whilst the scourge of mental illness, depression and self-harm are of more concern to them. I went to a meeting of our new Mental Health service provider this week and they said they are allowing online self referrals as young people claim their parents don’t understand their need for help. Maybe it’s a good sign – young people are recognising that they/ their peers need help ?
      Many Blessings Stacy x


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