Needing another sensation

Reblogging this honest post, as I am sure that it will help MASH mums …..


i remember at university going back to my room after a night out, to be distracted on the way by stopping off to see a girl in the year below. We weren’t particularly close, had just got to know each other through a particular club. She was quite a ‘closed’ character usually, the daughter of academics, focused, hard working, determined. Together. Or so I thought. That night she was sitting in her kitchen holding a knife to her wrists.

I have thought of her a lot in recent weeks. That night she was desperate, sad and incredibly anxious. I am sure I didn’t necessarily say anything helpful but hope I was just ‘there’ for her. For a hug. For company. For distraction.

You see now I have an entirely different level of empathy. I am there. I am the frustrated, panicking, anxious girl who just wants this torment to stop…

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